Importance of Commitment!

Commitment?- you may ask… Commitment to who (or is that whom?


Your commitment To You!!  Is what I am referring to…


The commitments we make to ourselves are soo important and are often “the” overlooked piece to the puzzle of accomplishment and success. I want to share this concept with everyone, because we have all made commitments to ourselves that we did not fulfill.


What you may not realize is how debilitating this is and even paralyzing this becomes, when we do not honor our commitment. For example, (And this is true for ANY GOAL you have ever set for yourself that you did not achieve and still want--Financial goals, career goals, relationship goals, education goals…I am focusing on body weight in this example because that is the topic of my class) If you have ever dieted or set a goal toward a certain weight and you did not achieve it, you feel that lack:  that emptiness every time you think about that goal.  In fact I am convinced it affects the underpinnings of Self Esteem. We have to stop doing this to ourselves!


When this has happened and we don’t want it to affect our Self-esteem, we have to begin looking at the commitment from a new perspective.  


Here’s an example of how to talk to yourself when you have a goal you haven’t yet achieved, but still want…


(you can copy and print this out and put it by your mirror to begin to say to yourself as early as possible in your day.  It is Self-Coaching and I strongly encourage it with all my clients and students)


“My life has caused me to want this goal and I am willing to keep my promise (commitment) to the best of my ability.


Today I use my energy to move toward my goal in as many ways as possible:  small ways and/or grand ways.


I recognize some days I will have more resources and energy than others and I keep my promise to myself to use some of that energy toward my goal in ways that feel good”


It is further helpful to have a list of the many ways you could move toward your goal, whether they are baby steps or giant steps.  For example with weight, we have learned so many ways to weigh less like drinking 8 – 10 glasses of water, eating more veggies, walking on the tread mill, eating smaller portions, dancing…there are possibly thousands of things….  You want to review that list after you have had that conversation with yourself.  Then later check off the things you were able to complete:  therefore keeping your commitment. 


As you do, you will feel better and the better you feel the better things will go and you will build momentum toward that goal!  Use it and see!



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