Be My Valentine!


With Valentine’s Day this month, it is the time of year we are focused on love!   But often we think of love in terms of how much others love us.  This of course is something we have very little control over.


I would rather; if you are open to it, for you to begin to think of love differently.  Recognizing that our love is our life force energy and it is our strongest power!!


We (especially hypnotists) believed that it was the energy of our brain that was the strongest signal.  It can be measured a couple feet away from our body.  But now we know that the energy emitted from our heart can be measured even yards away from the body!  It is the energy that fuels our body, wakes us up in the morning, beats our heart and helps us breathe. 


It is the feeling of this loving energy flowing through our bodies that makes us feel so good! And I believe we are supposed to move that power of love into our lives to create the life we love. 


So I am offering you a little process that I developed for daily use that helps me to direct that power of love into my life. It is “My Valentine to YOU!”  I call it the Power of Love Process!


It’s easy and only takes a few minutes; so you may be tempted to discredit it, but I am asking you to use it because it has helped so much in my life over the last several months bringing ease and happiness in my interactions!




As early in the day as possible identify some interaction you may have with a friend, neighbor, co-worker later in the day or the next day.  This situation could be happening in person or by phone or even over social media.  Then take these few powerful steps: 


1)         Get yourself in a comfortable place and all no more than 2 or 3 minutes for this process.  Sit or lie down, close your and begin to breathe a little slower and deeper than you normally would.  Connect with your heart power by imagining you are breathing in and out through your heart, rather than your nose or mouth.


2)         Then appreciate your heart: Thank it for offering you this great gift of life today!


3)         Connect further with your life-giving power by giving it a color, even many colors like a rainbow and/or lights and yes, you can even give it sparkles… Allow yourself to imagine you can open your heart and let that power out.  (I was doing this recently with a client over the phone, she shared with me that her power came out like a rainbow and had little emoji’s of hearts and thumbs up, so use your imagination!)


4)         Imagine you open your heart and send that beautiful powerful color of love light into that situation that you know is coming down life’s highway today or soon -- that meeting or phone call; whatever interaction is coming up.


5)         Imagine that color, rainbow or love power pouring out of you and into that person and it makes your interaction with them go very well, better than you may have ever imagined, wonderfully, successfully and you are happy with the results of that interaction!  Keep that flow of energy coming out our your heart and into that situation that you know is coming in your life and into that other person…Enjoy the feeling of the power of your love flowing through you. Keep breathing that power of love for another moment or two.


6)            Put a smile on your face and open your eyes, ready to go on with your day:  Expecting things to go well!


Do this process every day all this month in honor of Valentine’s Day and watch this power of love change your life: You can expect to see an Increase in the ratio of positive outcomes in your life! Let me know your results!


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