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Offered By Linda Williamson, CH, CI


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Classes are held in Mt. Prospect or Arlington Heights IL


Other classes offered in Palatine in Skills for Life



 Beating Procrastination!  One Session  Wednesday   Feb 20,  7-9 pm             

Do you avoid tasks that need to be accomplished? Do you suffer from the stress and even lack of sleep, knowing you are putting things off??    Do you find yourself doing other, less important things?  In fact; are you willing to do almost anything other than what you are procrastinating? Procrastination is when there’s a significant time period between when you intend to do a something, and when you actually do it. This class includes tips and strategies that keep you one step ahead of procrastination.  It takes deliberate strategies to avoid becoming our own worst enemy by procrastinating on your intended actions.  Come and learn how to Beat Procrastination!


Weight Control through Rewiring Your Brain   3 Sessions Tuesday, February 26, March 5 and Mar 12   7-9 pm.    JHHS   

Why is it that it seems so hard to lose weight and that up to 99% of all those who do lose weight tend to gain it back?  The answer that is often left out of the strategies for your body is your brain!  This class helps you understand the brain and how it works; enabling you to REWIRE YOUR BRAIN to support you in your choice of an improved weight.  Make this 3-week program your commitment to do this for yourself!  Taught by Nationally Recognized Award-Winning Certified Hypnosis Instructor, Linda Williamson! You learn hypnotic techniques for your mind; energy processes for your spirit and physical tips for your body to get you on track to your goal.  What do you have to lose?!  Sign up now!


Anti-Anxiety Toolkit!       One session        Thurs      Mar 7,  7-9 pm     JHHS

Imagine a class that offers you powerful and quick tools to reduce excessive worry, stress and anxiety… Here it is! Your feelings of worry, stress and anxiety, are just patterns that have formed between your mind and body. They often feel like a powerful force in our lives that we have no control over.  But that is never true.  This class offers you many simple approaches that you can use to break existing patterns:  cognitively, emotionally, chemically, physically and energetically!  If you, or someone you know, need(s) effective tools to help interrupt these anxiety patterns, this class is for you! Each technique is demonstrated and explained in detail. And you take with you a handout of how the tools work with you; so that you can use them the rest of your life!


Sleep Better!        One Session             Monday            April 1  7-9 pm    PHS

Sleep deprivation is a very serious problem. Some people have trouble falling asleep while others have trouble staying asleep and both can and will negatively affect your waking day. This class helps you to better understand the sleep cycle and identify the obstacles you may be creating to your own sleep.  As you may know already, hypnosis is a stage of consciousness on the way to sleep.   So in this unique class, you receive both practical tips for your conscious mind and some hypnotic suggestions for your subconscious mind! All on handouts so you can have them with you when you need them!


Dealing with Difficult People!   One Session  Tues   April 9   7–9 pm  PHS

We all have people that could be considered difficult in our life.  They may be at work, they may be our friends or neighbors and they may even be within our home!  It can be extremely frustrating and draining to have to face the bumpy ride of interactions with these difficult people.  These exchanges – whether in person, by phone or through social media -- can challenge our sense of equilibrium, security, and well-being. At the most primal level, it can feel like a threat to our very survival!  Here is a class offering steps you can use to help you navigate the rough waters of dealing with that difficult person and allow you to put together an action plan to improve or neutralize those relationships.


Stress Less, Live Peacefully!   One Session   Wednesday April 17   7-9pm   

According to the American Psychological Association: chronic stress is linked to many leading causes of death: heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver and suicide. Now more than 95 percent of all physician office visits are for stress-related ailments and complaints. It’s affecting us mentally, physically and energetically! But you can learn to react differently; less rushed, less hurried, less worried.  This is more than just deep breathing!  So put your stressful days behind you: come learn to live peacefully! 



Letting Go!    2 sessions     Thursday     April 25, May 2     7-9 pm   JHHS    

“You have got to let that go!”  We have all heard that before, haven’t we?  And on some level, we recognize it would be a good thing to let go of certain relationships, certain parts of our past, some of our anger or grudges or resentments.  But HOW??!!  If you want the answer to that age-old question, join this class.  Because here, finally you can discover some simple step-by-step proven processes to help you “Let Go” once and for all!  You will also receive a handout in each class that allows you to continue “Let Go!” in your life, even after class is over!


Supercharge your Self Esteem!! 1 session Thursday 7-9 pm June 13 FVEC            

Are You Running on Empty? This is the terminology often used in today’s world of so many pressures! We just don’t feel we have the energy to move forward. We are afraid to make changes yet unhappy with where we are.  We don’t trust our own opinion and can get stuck “over thinking” everything! We become trapped in our own feelings of inadequacy and “not enough-ness”.  This class helps us identify how we may have developed these patterns of low self-esteem and what to do about it! Come and Super Charge Your Self-Esteem! 


Memory Mastery One Session   Wednesday  June 19   FVEC      7-9 pm

Memory and recall issues have long been considered “normal” as we get older.  They are even joked about as “Senior Moments”.  Recent science has established this is just NOT true.  Memory loss is no longer considered inevitable.  In fact, there is a considerable amount you can do to master your memory and recall.  This class helps you understand how our brain and memory actually work.  You will also receive a handout with practical tips for better memory, affirmations for better memory and a hypnotic Memory Improvement Process that allows you to gain more mastery over your memory and recall!


Success with Self-Hypnosis!   One Session  Monday,  June 24 FVEC 7-9 pm

Have you ever wondered if Self-Hypnosis could help you with issues in your life?  Here’s a class to de-mystify the process of Self-Hypnosis, presenting it in a very effective and simple, step-by-step fashion. The American Medical Association has approved Self–Hypnosis for helping to reduce stress, overcome worries, deal with every day pressures, control your habits, speedy recovery from surgery and much, much, MORE!  Sign up for your success!  You leave understanding a powerful tool you have always had inside you: only now you will finally know what to do with it!! 


Tap your Troubles Away Two Sessions Tuesday, July 16, 23 FVEC  7-9 pm

If you could learn a process in about an hour that could help you to feel better in your everyday life: Would you? I learned this process right after 911 and have been using it all these years to help myself and hundreds of others (probably even thousands by now).  It can be used to relieve emotional traumas; abolish fears and worries in moments, shatter food cravings that sabotage our health.  It often works where nothing else will; offering rapid results that are often permanent.  In addition, it can be self-applied (no equipment needed)!  In the first class, you learn step-by-step how to effectively use the technique for yourself and receive a handout so that you can recreate the results at home. You will use the procedure for the following week every day to really clear any trauma, sadness, anger that happens in your life.  Then return to training the following week to ask questions, tweak your results, get more tips and tricks to tap your troubles away!  Let’s do this! 





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There are classes on how to live everyday life for the general public. Classes vary from a couple hours in an evening, to multiple evenings, to all morning or all day or multiple days.  They are for those who want to learn new skills, abilities and resources to improve their life!!  This series is known as Skills for Life.


Classes are also offered through Continuing Education District 214 in Illinois they are listed in Coming Events.


Private Sessions are available to help everyday people with every day issues. Powerful one on one sessions in person or by phone, offering you relief and processes that improve your life! Check out Private Practice.


If you want to take this understanding and information to a whole new level to help others, you can become certified as a Consulting Hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists, the premier association of hypnotists across the United States and throughout the world.  Check out Hypnosis Certification.

The information, processes and techniques offered are entertaining for groups, parties and corporate events.  If you are interested in Linda speaking for your group on any topic, contact her.