Hypnosis Certification

Why a career in hypnosis? Why now?

Never before in history has mankind been more open to the process of hypnosis for improving our lives! Even Oprah is speaking of the “Secret” and we learn in this course that the secret is all about our subconscious. Every area of life can be improved with desire, intention, and focusing the power of your subconsciousness. Even medical mainstream is learning and using hypnosis for pain, eczema, fractures, irritable bowel syndrome, cancer, pain, stress and speedy recoveries. With the complications and undesirable side effects of so many drugs, society as a whole is becoming more interested in the answers that lie within us and the power of the mind to improve our lives. Can you imagine yourself with all the skills, abilities, and resources you need to improve your life and the lives of others? Think about it! Currently there is no prerequisite to this course, allowing you to become certified nationally as well as in most other countries. As a certified hypnotist you are qualified to lead others into finding their answers and improvements. Few realize the constant source of fascination and satisfaction the hypnotist receives through the joy of helping others. A truly rewarding and fulfilling career, Certified Hypnotherapist is the career of the present and the future.

Who is this course for?

• Those who want to become proficient at self-hypnosis to change and create the life they want for themselves.

• Those who want to help others develop tools to change and improve their lives!

• Those who are interested in enhancing their income. A qualified hypnotist can make $50-155 per session.

• Those who are interested in a new, exciting, rewarding career. A career that is also easy, fun and quick to learn.

• Those who want to add hypnosis to their existing career. Many doctors, nurses, dentists, massage therapists, psychotherapists, social workers and emergency care professionals are adding the benefits of hypnosis to their work. No matter what other tools you have or concepts you know, nothing provides the opportunity for change that hypnosis offers.

• Those who may have been certified before and are not yet able to begin their practice.

Who is teaching this course?

Your instructor, Linda Williamson, was awarded the 2007 Hypnotist of the Year award at the Mid-America Hypnosis Conference! So YOU have the opportunity to learn from the best. She has been using hypnosis successfully for more than twenty years. She is also a certified instructor of hypnotists for the National Guild of Hypnotists, the premier association of hypnotists across the United States and throughout the world. With her Master’s training in Psychology and as an NLP Master Practitioner and EFT Facilitator, she implements both traditional psychology and other mind-body modalities with this hypnosis training. Her unique blend offers you a strong foundation to build your practice on. Just imagine learning from someone willing to share her secrets of how hypnosis has improved her confidence and self-esteem, helped her achieve her financial goals and reversed significant health challenges in her life. Someone willing to stay in touch with you even after the course for your continued success,a mentor for life!

What are the classes like?

The classes are more than just theory and information, you master the techniques you need in an easy step-by-step interactive and participative style. Her students describe the classes as high energy and uplifting. From learning self-hypnosis and becoming your own client first, developing courage, confidence and self-esteem; to beginning your own practice with strategies for marketing and offering single-session or multi-session programs to your clients. You experience hypnosis through out the class. You will give and receive feedback about your subjective experiences in order to help you understand how the mind works. Live demonstrations are followed by questions and answers. You will first, see, hear and experience the technique; then, work with the technique. You will practice hypnotizing in supervised exercises so you become confident in your skills. You will discuss the experiences to help integrate the learning. You will find your hypnotic voice. You will be tested both in writing and in practice to assure your expertise. The primary goals of the class are to make sure you understand how to hypnotize yourself and others and have the confidence to do it. Therefore, Linda incorporates some basic NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) skills that allow you to establish rapport with clients, create trust and get the information you need to help them get the results they need. With the incorporation of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and some Energy Psychology you master tools that are offered in no other certification training to help clear emotional blocks for yourself and your clients. As you can imagine, learning these easy, but amazing skills in these proven ways, allows you to put your learning to work immediately.
This class is never offered to more than 12 students at a time, so you are assured you get all the attention you need!  A minimum of 6 students is required for the class to run.

What does the training qualify me for?

This training is complete! Many other courses for hypnotists are incomplete, leaving you to finish your training on your own at the end of class. With the successful completion of written exam and practicum, you are 100% certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) to hypnotize others for a fee across the USA and most other countries. You are also entitled to a one-year membership in the NGH, which includes both their publications; the Hypno-Gram newsletter and The Journal of Hypnotism magazine.

How long does it take?

This course is usually completed over three months. Classes are offered on 10 different 8 hour days (see the schedule of exact days and times on the Class Schedule page). Little by little, this schedule allows you the time in between classes you need to process and assimilate these skills and gain the confidence to use them. Hypnosis is a hands-on interactive process and this schedule allows you ample opportunity to develop and practice your technique. Offering you the competence and confidence to become the best hypnotist that you can be!! Other courses are offered over just a couple of weekends leave many students unable to attain the level of expertise they need to begin their career. Some classes are offered seven or eight days in a row, which doesn’t allow the opportunity to process the information and assimilate it, leaving many students overwhelmed! If you know ahead of time you will need to miss a class, it will be recorded in an MP-3 format for you at no extra cost so you will not miss a word of this valuable information!

How much does it cost?

Incredibly, the entire class tuition which includes class time and two NGH training manuals, CDs and DVDs, Hypnotic Scripts, Pendulum and Chart, (see photo above!) and a separate notebook with all the extra information and techniques from Linda’s private collection plus membership in the NGH for a year is only $2477. A wise investment in a brand new career, one to love and enjoy for the rest of your life!
Just $250 holds your spot for next class.  A full refund is available if the class doesn't run.
This class offering is limited to no more than 12 students, assuring you get all the attention you need! A minimum of 6 students is required to hold the class. At the end of the class you are fully certified!  There are no additional hours to complete or further trainings required! Reserve your place now!

Are payment plans and discounts available?

Pay in full one month in advance and take $100.00 off the cost!

Refer a friend or family member for the same class who pays in full at the beginning of class and get another $100.00 off.

Payment plans are also available for a reasonable administration fee of 10%. Call for details.

Are there any other benefits to taking this class?

I am available for free on-going support after you graduate by e-mail and telephone.
This additional mentoring supports you in achieving the success you desire.

Are you beginning to see now how this course offers you all that you need?

You can do this! You have my commitment over these classes to evolve you into a professional hypnotist…an exciting career you can love and enjoy! It’s easier than you think!



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We all want to be well and feel better.  We are here to build a wonderful life!


Our purpose extends well beyond our career or our role in our family.


Whether you want to create better in your life through your relationships, accomplishing goals, physical, mental, emotional or energetic health:  you have options with Linda!


There are classes and seminars are for those who want to learn new skills, abilities and resources to improve their every day life.  Classes vary in length from an hour to all day, on weekdays or evenings. They will be offered in Zoom soon. For now there is information on previous classes to give you some idea of content.  The information series is known as Skills for Life.


Classes and events in person will be listed when available in Coming Events .


Private one on one sessions are currently available by phone and Zoom to help everyday people with every day issues. For information about what is involved, check out Private Practice  


If you want to take this understanding and information to a whole new level to help others, you can become certified as a Consulting Hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists, the premier association of hypnotists across the United States and throughout the world.  Check out Hypnosis Certification.

The information, processes and techniques offered are enjoyable and effective for groups, parties and corporate events.  If you are interested in Linda speaking for your group on any topic, contact her.