It's Creation Time


I absolutely love how long the days are getting, don’t you?  I love the sun and daylight! It’s a gift really. 


A dear hypnotist friend of mine sums it up nicely when he says “I received a great gift today: I woke up!”  It is so true.  Being awakened into the new, expanding into your life!  Love it.


Today I want to share with you a meditative process that helped me, in hopes it will help you in your time of need.  I learned it in a training of Deepak Chopra.  It was at a time in my life when things seemed to be going in a “wrong” direction. Hope was lost and my life felt dark. You may have noticed that we often use the metaphor of darkness and the night for life struggles, bad situations.  Deepak was discussing the profoundness that it is always darkest before the dawn and that we can use the dawn and the promise of its energy for healing any situation.  He emphasized dawn as our creation time, making all sorts of wonderful references to “let there be light!” He even went into the science of photosynthesis.  Dawn being the time when photosynthesis is strongest providing the greatest output of oxygen from all the plants—oxygen --which is essential to our life!


He asked us to reorganize our daily schedule around the most important natural event of the day at dawn, at least once a week. This would allow us to take advantage of this deeper connection to nature. He promised that we would then be in tune with the greatest cosmic forces of revitalization that occur each and every day!  Everything that follows will be more energized and more in tune with who you really are.  Your Creation Time!


Of course that was music to my ears and so I began his simple process and it allowed me to improve my perspective and move away from the darkness and into the light of my life!  I have also shared it with clients and students who are ready to let go of their limitations and step into their power.


Here it is:


Allow 20 minutes for your morning meditation. Start your meditation ten minutes before dawn. If dawn is at, say, approximately 6 am, then you would plan to start your day with meditation from 5:50 – 6:10 am. Then:


1. Sit facing the direction the sun will come up. Just focus your attention on the slow, even flow of breath as it passes in and out of your nostrils for a moment or two.


2. Visualize each in-breath as white light filling your body. Then, at the top of each in-breath, mentally repeat once the affirmation “I am Infinite Being.” Or “I am Creator” (or other powerful statement of your power..for example I had one client use “All things are possible through the Christ within me”)


3. On the out-breath, allow your attention to follow the flow of air from your nostrils. To induce an immediate calming effect, slow each out-breath and allow it to take up to twice as long as each in-breath.


4. Hold the breath out of your body, if possible for as long as you took on the out-breath. In this quiet space, don’t think, just be. Become quietly aware of thoughts and impressions that may arise from your inner self. Thank them for coming. The end of each breath cycle thus becomes your personal communion space with your inner being.


5. Return to active intention by starting the breath cycle again at step 1.


Hope it helps you!  Let me know.







Time to Relax!


Can’t you just tell with everything that is going on in our society today that we could all benefit from a “chill pill”?  


And none of us want this stress we are going through, we inherently know that it isn’t good for us. 


As we perceive that something has gone wrong, that it is a threat to our happiness or our ability to cope with things, we activate our “fight and flight response”.  Which would be fine if this threat were something we could run away from and then we did run away.  (Remember the story about the cave man and the sabretooth tiger?)


Unfortunately all too often what we have perceived as a threat is something more like:  too much to do, that we can’t really run away from or something that happens in life that we can’t escape by running away.  (like a health diagnosis or the end of a relationship)


Well I am here to offer you one of the most widely used ways of creating relaxation for yourself in these circumstances.  A technique designed to elicit the opposite bodily reaction from the "fight or flight" response. It was created by a medical doctor, Dr. Herbert Benson, in the 1970’s. He claims that training our bodies on a daily basis to achieve this state of relaxation can lead to enhanced mood, lower blood pressure, and reduction of lifestyle stress.


It is actually a more meditative or hypnotic process than pure relaxation, but Dr. Benson was wise enough to call it “RELAXATION RESPONSE” to get it into mainstream of our society without the resistance to the hypnotic and meditative terminology.


It is short (takes only 10 – 15 minutes), simple (I have taught it to stressed children aged 7) and just practicing it once or twice daily can be enough to counteract the stress response and bring about deep relaxation and inner peace.




1. Sit quietly in a comfortable position and close your eyes.


2. Choose a calming one syllable word such as "one" or “calm” or "peace" or a sound such as “om”


3. Relax all your muscles, beginning at your feet and progressing up to your face.


4. Breathe through your nose. Become aware of your breathing.


5. With each exhale, say the word you chose silently to yourself. Breathe easily and naturally. 


5. Continue for 10 to 15 minutes. You may open your eyes to check the time, rather than using an alarm.


6. When distracting thoughts occur, ignore them by returning to exhaling your word.


7. When you finish, sit quietly for a few minutes, at first with your eyes closed and then open your eyes, continuing to sit quietly for another moment.


8. With practice, the response should come with little effort. Some report just the word alone brings on the relaxed feeling!


Let me know how you like it!!!







Be My Valentine!


With Valentine’s Day this month, it is the time of year we are focused on love!   But often we think of love in terms of how much others love us.  This of course is something we have very little control over.


I would rather; if you are open to it, for you to begin to think of love differently.  Recognizing that our love is our life force energy and it is our strongest power!!


We (especially hypnotists) believed that it was the energy of our brain that was the strongest signal.  It can be measured a couple feet away from our body.  But now we know that the energy emitted from our heart can be measured even yards away from the body!  It is the energy that fuels our body, wakes us up in the morning, beats our heart and helps us breathe. 


It is the feeling of this loving energy flowing through our bodies that makes us feel so good! And I believe we are supposed to move that power of love into our lives to create the life we love. 


So I am offering you a little process that I developed for daily use that helps me to direct that power of love into my life. It is “My Valentine to YOU!”  I call it the Power of Love Process!


It’s easy and only takes a few minutes; so you may be tempted to discredit it, but I am asking you to use it because it has helped so much in my life over the last several months bringing ease and happiness in my interactions!




As early in the day as possible identify some interaction you may have with a friend, neighbor, co-worker later in the day or the next day.  This situation could be happening in person or by phone or even over social media.  Then take these few powerful steps: 


1)         Get yourself in a comfortable place and all no more than 2 or 3 minutes for this process.  Sit or lie down, close your and begin to breathe a little slower and deeper than you normally would.  Connect with your heart power by imagining you are breathing in and out through your heart, rather than your nose or mouth.


2)         Then appreciate your heart: Thank it for offering you this great gift of life today!


3)         Connect further with your life-giving power by giving it a color, even many colors like a rainbow and/or lights and yes, you can even give it sparkles… Allow yourself to imagine you can open your heart and let that power out.  (I was doing this recently with a client over the phone, she shared with me that her power came out like a rainbow and had little emoji’s of hearts and thumbs up, so use your imagination!)


4)         Imagine you open your heart and send that beautiful powerful color of love light into that situation that you know is coming down life’s highway today or soon -- that meeting or phone call; whatever interaction is coming up.


5)         Imagine that color, rainbow or love power pouring out of you and into that person and it makes your interaction with them go very well, better than you may have ever imagined, wonderfully, successfully and you are happy with the results of that interaction!  Keep that flow of energy coming out our your heart and into that situation that you know is coming in your life and into that other person…Enjoy the feeling of the power of your love flowing through you. Keep breathing that power of love for another moment or two.


6)            Put a smile on your face and open your eyes, ready to go on with your day:  Expecting things to go well!


Do this process every day all this month in honor of Valentine’s Day and watch this power of love change your life: You can expect to see an Increase in the ratio of positive outcomes in your life! Let me know your results!







The Good News about the Shortest Day of the Year


Today, Wednesday, December 21, 2016 is the shortest day of the year.  Did you realize that?


For those of us who love the sun and bright days, the good news Is that after today the days begin to get longer again!


I have over my life come to connect with this day, known as Winter Solstice, as a time for reflection and so I want to share the process of how I make this connection below, in case it is of any interest or benefit to you!


This day has the most darkness.  Darkness to me is a contemplative, inner healing opportunity for us: mentally, physically and energetically.  This darkness is a natural time of silence, letting go and saying “No”.  An opportunity to deliberately choose solitude.  Intentionally choosing some quality time with yourself, being attentive to what is going on inside of yourself.  When was the last time you did something like that?


But rather than the rest and rejuvenation that choosing solitude in the darkness would offer, this day comes at a time of year, that for many of us, is filled with hustle and bustle; challenges and extroversion greater than at any other time of the year! 


The opportunity to cultivate our solitude and quiet is especially challenging in this day and age.  As the restorative darkness descends we are tempted by TV, phones, computers, tablets and iPads to be drawn back to the light! Back into limitedness of our consciousness, rather than the answers of our limitless subconscious!


So I am going to offer the process that I use historically on this Winter Solstice (or if I have a social engagement on the exact night; on any other evening of the time between the 21st of December and the end of the year) to help me take a rejuvenating restorative journey inside.


As the darkness descends, I indulge myself in a warm bath.  The water is drawn to the temperature that  just stings my skin as I enter the water.  I usually plan to spend 20 to 40 minutes in the water without any technology. I light candles for a very soft light.  As I enter the water, I begin to breath slower and deeper than I normally would.  I think of music that is soothing to me ( I occasionally have music playing in the background, but I usually just play it in my head)  I start by counting my blessings and everything that I can think of that I appreciate about my life, the relationships, the circumstances, the opportunities I have had, my possessions, all of it ! 


Then I ask myself a simple question:  What would I like to leave behind in my life? (It is usually comes to me as some habit or way that I am thinking about myself or others.) 


I just ask gently and wait to see what answer comes.  I don’t always get an answer right away, but usually sometime during the bath, an idea or ah-ha comes to me.  I thank myself for that idea. 


Then I think of what will be better for me in 2017 (or whatever the next year is) without that issue.  As ideas come, I smile for each one…and I imagine placing each smile in my heart where it can be nourished in love and grow into my life. 


When bath time is up (I usually don’t time it anymore, but I did at the beginning) I get out of the bath and dry off.  I write down on a slip of paper what I realize I want to leave behind in my life and I burn it in the candle, safely and then blow the candle out.  I have a smile on my face, knowing that every day is now getting longer and longer.  I look forward to 6 months from now when the days are the longest and it is light until 9 pm!


Hope you offer yourself this gift of solitude!  Let me know!


May this Winter Solstice bring you Peace!







Importance of Commitment!

Commitment?- you may ask… Commitment to who (or is that whom?


Your commitment To You!!  Is what I am referring to…


The commitments we make to ourselves are soo important and are often “the” overlooked piece to the puzzle of accomplishment and success. I want to share this concept with everyone, because we have all made commitments to ourselves that we did not fulfill.


What you may not realize is how debilitating this is and even paralyzing this becomes, when we do not honor our commitment. For example, (And this is true for ANY GOAL you have ever set for yourself that you did not achieve and still want--Financial goals, career goals, relationship goals, education goals…I am focusing on body weight in this example because that is the topic of my class) If you have ever dieted or set a goal toward a certain weight and you did not achieve it, you feel that lack:  that emptiness every time you think about that goal.  In fact I am convinced it affects the underpinnings of Self Esteem. We have to stop doing this to ourselves!


When this has happened and we don’t want it to affect our Self-esteem, we have to begin looking at the commitment from a new perspective.  


Here’s an example of how to talk to yourself when you have a goal you haven’t yet achieved, but still want…


(you can copy and print this out and put it by your mirror to begin to say to yourself as early as possible in your day.  It is Self-Coaching and I strongly encourage it with all my clients and students)


“My life has caused me to want this goal and I am willing to keep my promise (commitment) to the best of my ability.


Today I use my energy to move toward my goal in as many ways as possible:  small ways and/or grand ways.


I recognize some days I will have more resources and energy than others and I keep my promise to myself to use some of that energy toward my goal in ways that feel good”


It is further helpful to have a list of the many ways you could move toward your goal, whether they are baby steps or giant steps.  For example with weight, we have learned so many ways to weigh less like drinking 8 – 10 glasses of water, eating more veggies, walking on the tread mill, eating smaller portions, dancing…there are possibly thousands of things….  You want to review that list after you have had that conversation with yourself.  Then later check off the things you were able to complete:  therefore keeping your commitment. 


As you do, you will feel better and the better you feel the better things will go and you will build momentum toward that goal!  Use it and see!



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