Private Practice



Linda offers individual sessions in person (when society allows) in Palatine (Rt. 53 and N.W. Highway), and Chicago (Near Belmont and Kimball) 


And Sarasota, FL from November through January of each year.


Call before your first session for a no obligation, no cost discussion of your issue to identify how it would be approached.  This is my investment in your future success! It helps us to identify if we are a match for each other moving forward.


When it is decided, by both of us that moving forward would be beneficial, you will be given homework, that helps get your conscious and subconsiousness moving forward together toward the goal you desire, even before we work together!


Sessions offer a combination of mind/body techniques to assist you in improving your life, regardless of the problem.


Recognizing the power of your mind and its ability to help you, we first identify where you are and where you want to go and then how to get there from here.


You will be taught processes and techniques to empower yourself allowing change/transformation to happen. Homework, based upon what is covered in the session, is assigned so that you can master these issues in your life!


The goal is to give you the tools that allow you to improve in any and all areas of your life that you choose; career, health, financial, or relationships. Because, after all -- it is your life and you should be able to have it the way you want it.


Only three to six sessions are necessary for most issues.


Wondering if you should schedule an appointment?


Here’s my rule of thumb to decide if you would benefit from a private one-on-one session:


Are you happy with the results you are getting on your own, from what you have learned and experienced in other classes and information you have sought?


When you get a resounding yes to that answer, you want to keep using your own tools and listening to classes and reading to keep getting the results you are getting.  Check in with yourself regularly so you stay on track. 


When you get a less than that resounding yes, you can benefit from working one on one in ways that will identify your answer.  The one that is inside you and unique to you and Only You Will Know That!


Often, we need to feel better to do better in our lives! And private work that deals with your desires, your blocks to your desires are key!


Contact me and start feeling better now!



(847) 275-8242 or To Start Changing Now!



Linda Williamson, CH, CI

Williamson Wellness

In person meetings in 
Sarasota, FL 34238 when society allows. Until then by phone or Zoom!


We all want to be well and feel better.  We are here to build a wonderful life!


Our purpose extends well beyond our career or our role in our family.


Whether you want to create better in your life through your relationships, accomplishing goals, physical, mental, emotional or energetic health:  you have options with Linda!


There are classes and seminars are for those who want to learn new skills, abilities and resources to improve their every day life.  Classes vary in length from an hour to all day, on weekdays or evenings. They will be offered in Zoom soon. For now there is information on previous classes to give you some idea of content.  The information series is known as Skills for Life.


Classes and events in person will be listed when available in Coming Events .


Private one on one sessions are currently available by phone and Zoom to help everyday people with every day issues. For information about what is involved, check out Private Practice  


If you want to take this understanding and information to a whole new level to help others, you can become certified as a Consulting Hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists, the premier association of hypnotists across the United States and throughout the world.  Check out Hypnosis Certification.

The information, processes and techniques offered are enjoyable and effective for groups, parties and corporate events.  If you are interested in Linda speaking for your group on any topic, contact her.